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Aloka is a healer and one of my many friends on a quest to lead others to a stronger connection with their mind and spirit. I spent two days with him and his band (Suns of the earth)  in Ojai, California where I learned a lot about astral bodies, ayhuasca, ceremonies, and how to take on the challenges we face with our hearts and spirit as guides. Its so easy to slip into calling Aloka a new-age quinoa loving hippy (not sure if he even eats quinoa) but that's only if you're not familiar with this transcendence or awakening that is occurring all around you this very moment. Aloka's goal is to help communicate these messages with us all. What feels like a spoken code can be hard to grasp but it's funny how familiar this information already feels right. I'm often struck with a feeling like 'yeah! I get it. Why do I feel like I already knew this?' kind of experience anytime I read or talk to someone like Aloka. It just makes sense to me. Some call it our way of remembering what we already know. I'm on board with that.

Me: Is there a poignant time in your life that you remember a calling to transform?

Aloka: Yes. One of the strongest currents of this desire to transform is called "momoksha" which in sanskrit translates as : "a burning desire for liberation". When I was in my final year of college I experienced some transcendental revelations that shifted my focus so dramatically that all I wanted to do was pursue enlightenment. I remember the feeling and the feeling has brought me through many transformational experiences and initiations in my life.

Me: Did you immediately act on this feeling? What was that change of lifestyle like for you?

Aloka: Some immediately. Some gradually. When I got bit bye that desire for spiritual truth, for self realization, I gave up eating meat, smoking pot, drinking alcohol and watching TV in one week. I was so profoundly struck by the memory of who my soul was and had hit some of the deepest darkest spaces in my life ; so the only forward was up. The change in lifestyle felt liberating. I now, many years later eat meat again, enjoy specific media, an occasional drag of ganja ceremonially... but back then I needed to drop everything. Our relationship to EVERYTHING can and will change. Its the most exciting part of life. The more we get to know ourselves we learn how to truly discern what serves us and what does not. It wasn't like a imposed ideal made me choose them. In one swift moment I completely realized that the combination of those things no longer served me. When that's clear for me I am diligent, because I feel better when I choose what serves me.

Me: Are you currently struggling with anything?


Me: How do you deal with pain?

Aloka: By feeling it fully. Moving the energy or emotions connected to the pain... Through prayer, sound, movement or song. Getting support around the feelings if they feel too much.

Me: Tell me something about yourself you’ve never told anyone before.

Aloka: I used to steal things when I was very young. It gave me a rush. Candy bars from stores or my favorite drink. Money here and there from my parents.

Me: And it's not easy to admit our faults, guilt, or feelings of wrong-doing. I always found it too be embarrassing and painful. How could a person best release these pains?


Me: Do you live by a mantra?


Me: As an act of giving, send a message of love to the next person I talk to for this series.


For more information on the services Aloka offers or want to hear more about his experience please check out his website and links below.


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