Vision for Humanity (Part 1)

I've had the pleasure to do a couple of portrait jobs now with an organization here in Los Angeles called Vision to Learn. They offer free eye exams to children with families with lower income. Then after a few weeks they give the kids a free pair of glasses. 

Glasses have never been a financial concern for me or my family - and thankfully for that. It actually never crossed my mind how expensive eye care can be. There was one short story that sticks with me. A young girl in elementary school told us she refused to get glasses because of her families financial situation. She told them there were more important things for them to be spending their money on. She went on with impaired vision until they discovered Vision to Learn. It really disturbed me to see a child having financial burdens on their mind at such a young age. Although its a reality for many families I wish it wasn't a concern for any child.

I titled this post Vision for Humanity for a reason. Because of my recent experiences working with organizations such as Vision to Learn and shows like On Begley Street and My Last Days (Soul Pancake) - I'm inspired to be focusing majority of my work on philanthropy organizations and movements. I started this change not just with my career but in my personal life. I find it important to sit in silence in the morning - in meditation - and visualize my vision for Humanity. I do this by meditating and then taking 15-20 minutes to write down what I can do today to reach this vision. These are the questions I now ask myself when researching work or making personal decisions. 

  • What good can I do today?
  • Does it align with my core values?
  • Will it cause me to grow as a person? 
  • Do I need help from a higher power? 
  • Is there good in this dream or project for others? 
  • How does it serve others? 
  • What good have I done today? ( at night)

That is what works for me but I wanted to share this with others. My vision is to live in a world that is focused on giving more than taking. The more we give the more we receive. It's a universal law I believe in. I believe in silence. I believe in meditation and through my meditation I fully believe in humanity.

I'll be posting a few 'Vision' posts so stick around to read more :)

Here are a few images I took from the past couple of shoots with Vision To learn.

Scott Simock