Caste systems in Nepal still leave identity predetermined. There is much pain and humiliation for those who are determined dirty even though the government abolished caste discrimination in 1962. Dalit children, who live in the Tarai regions, are at the bottom of the caste system and can experience the 'untouchability' within education systems. "Some high-caste teachers do not want Dalits to become teachers because they do not want to do the traditional gesture of giving respect to them." (HuRights) Even more specifically, the discrimination against Dalit women in modern Nepal is not hidden from plain view. Women are still banished from homes and public places to live in sheds during their menstrual cycle. Weather conditions make no difference in this inhumane practice. Although many organizations are working to end this archaic discrimination, the future is still uncertain. Villages have listened to their government and stopped these practices, but it would seem racism and discrimination are ships we turn 1 degree at a time. My hope is that the young girls in these photographs will not see the inside of a shed and that the boys who will soon become men will bring change to their villages. 

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