Economic stagnation and lack of access to education has restrained Malawi from yet rising out of the 20 ranked least developed countries (UN Human Development Index). Access to sustainable education is a steep climb, but it's one buildOn has been in service of since 1993. 183 schools have been built to date. Their successes are outstanding and I credit this to their philosophy. BuildOn requires gender equal enrollment. A covenant of completion is signed and solidified. Their philosophy encourages a deep investigation of the heart and spirit of everyone involved, from those on the trek, to the community they serve. 

Rural Malawi will see nothing it cannot endure. If this experience in Malawi has taught me anything is that it matters not where you are on the world, we are winning the battle but have much work to be done in solving the education crisis. These walls won't make the school alone. From the ground up it is the prayer and creation, investments of money and time, community and governmental engagement, student and parental pride, mindful and active engagement, faith and resilience that will bring Malawi out of the lower 20.